Submit Your Zine(s)

The only way for your zine to be included or updated in a future issue of Zine Guide is for it to be submitted directly to Zine Guide. THERE ARE NO DEADLINES FOR ZINE SUBMISSIONS. Just send your zine in. In fact, send two copies of each issue, as we now have zine reviewers and need stuff to send to them.

If you are surprised to find that your zine is no longer listed in Zine Guide, and you are still publishing it, send off a couple copies of your latest issue ASAP. Our address is Zine Guide, POB 5467, Evanston IL 60204.

Return a Survey and Write Commentaries

Surveys are located on the first two pages of the latest issue of Zine Guide. Please feel free to remove, photocopy and circulate the survey. You don't have to fill out a hard copy and return it to us via snail mail to be included - you can email us your responses at, you can even do the whole thing on line by clicking here . In fact, the best way to get your survey selections and zine commentaries and reviews published in future issues of Zine Guide is to submit a survey promptly via email. While we encourage people to photocopy and disseminate the Zine Guide survey, we must ask you NOT to email the survey to your email list.

Please be sure to write commentaries for all the zines on your survey. Share your unique knowledge and understanding of each of the zines you list with tens of thousands of Zine Guide readers.

If a zine is not already listed in Zine Guide, please include the snail mail and email address (if at all possible) on your survey. We will not list a zine without contact information.

Finally, if you have already returned a survey, please send us an updated survey for the upcoming Zine Guide. To do it now, just copy the following information and paste it into an email to us.



... and don't forget to include


Write/Contribute Zine Reviews

We want critical reviews and analysis of zines for upcoming issues of Zine Guide. These are not listings, and these are not brief commentaries that people scribble on their surveys, but actual knockout, dragout critical reviews. No length limitations, but we do require a minimum of 25 words per review. The zines reviewed do not have to be selected as "most favorite" or "least favorite" zines, and it is okay with Zine Guide if these reviews are also published in the reviewer's zine.

And just look what you get for writing reviews.

  • 10 reviews (25 words or more) = A FREE ISSUE OF ZG
  • 25 reviews (25 words or more) = 4 FREE ISSUES OF ZG

Please, send them via email!

Write Features and Conduct Interviews

We are also seeking extended pieces in any form, as long as it pertains to independent media or the underground press. Email us with your ideas. We will pay for quality work.

Advertise in Zine Guide

It's always a good idea to advertise in the Zine Guide. Our publication is perused daily by over 10,000 bands, record labels, zine & book publishers, punks and activists. We accept advertising year-round, but call or email us for current rates and deadlines. 773.269.2918.

Other Ways to Help

  • collect and review your local zines & free publications
  • help get Zine Guide into your local libraries, record & book stores
  • organize and host your own local zine conference
  • attend zine conferences, readings and events
  • intern at our Chicago office
  • email us at